e-StartCamp 2017

Tech. Code. Entrepreneurship. STEM Skills

This e-Start 2017 Camp is open to kids aged 7 - 16years (HOLIDAY WISE KIDS). The Camp will give them an opportunity to get skills in coding, technology, social media, game designs, web designs, open them up into the world of entrepreneurship (Knitting, Fashion Designing and lots more).

It's a 6-day Intensive training for children and kids in schools and communities. Featuring:

  • Introduction to and understanding Microsoft Tools (such as Excel, Word,         Powerpoint)
  • Using Web Design tools
  • Using Graphic Design tools
  • Using Social Media safely
  • Becoming entrepreneurs
  • Online Safety
  • Mentoring
  • Prevention Education
  • Lots more!

  • Date: August 14-19, 2017

    Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

    Registration Fee: N2,000

    Payment Method

    Payable to any of our bank account:

    GTB Plc - 014 145 7452

    ECOBANK Plc - 162 300 4254


    Camp T-shirt is OPTIONAL and is available for only N2,000 (Interested participant must pay for the T-shirt as at the time of registration).


    Certificate of Participation will be issued at the completion of the training


    We align ourself with the Children International's Child Protection Policy, please click here to read the policy.

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    e-Start Camp 2017 - Abuja